Roy Lichtenstein Foundation: Image Database

Image Duplicator, 1963

Created and maintained by the Roy Lichtenstein Foundation, Image Duplicator is a search engine that allows the user to find images of and basic information about those documented works by Roy Lichtenstein known to the Foundation. The site is organized first by the date of each work and second by its title, in alphabetical order.

Modifications to Image Duplicator—additions, subtractions, changes to titles of works, supplementary text and references—are made by Foundation staff as new information becomes available through the Foundation’s research.

Image Duplicator:

Image Duplicator also provides links, located beside the finished works, to preliminary studies and works on paper, possible references, comic book frames, advertising and other materials. This reference material is neither definitive nor exhaustive; it is intentionally suggestive.

Image Duplicator is a substantial “oeuvre catalogue” and does not present itself as a scholarly catalogue raisonné. The catalogue raisonné remains a work in progress and will eventually be presented and accessed elsewhere through the Roy Lichtenstein Foundation website.