It is with profound sadness that the Roy Lichtenstein Foundation acknowledges the recent death of our personal friend and Founding President Dorothy Lichtenstein.

As the widow of Roy Lichtenstein and as the Foundation’s visionary and supportive President, Dorothy aspired that her foundation would reflect the best version of ourselves in the evolving field of artist-endowed foundations.

She was always the first to endorse new initiatives and enterprises and to support leadership in all our staff at all levels. Personally aware, humorous, loyal and engaging, her interactions made the Foundation staff feel like extended family. Understanding this honor and privilege, everyone strove to repay that support by achievement and meeting her expectation: to amaze and excel.

From 1999 to today, the Foundation was a part of Dorothy’s optimistic devotion to good deeds for public benefit. All of us and so many more in the art world have been beneficiaries of her wisdom, encouragement, trust, support and personal involvement.

Our Foundation Mission is to continue, by her example, our work to facilitate public access to the work of Roy Lichtenstein and the art and artists of his and our time, to the best of our abilities in memory of both Dorothy and Roy Lichtenstein.

The Board of Directors
Roy Lichtenstein Foundation
July 2024